SEO Copywriting | 5 actions to implement as soon as possible

SEO Copywriting | 5 actions to implement as soon as possible

To increase your conversion rate, a good SEO referencing is the Grail of any entrepreneur on the web. But at the base of a well-referenced website that appears in the first results of Google, there is always engaging and informative content. Digital strategy advisors all agree: the quality of your site’s content reflects the identity and credibility of your business. This is why SEO writing is an excellent starting point for turning Internet users into customers. Here are 5 essential actions to put in place as soon as possible.

1 – Optimize content with SEO writing to increase the conversion rate

Keywords and the lexical field to enrich reading

Choosing the right keywords is the preliminary step to writing web content. Why? Because they will improve the position of your web pages in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), which is none other than the search engine results page.

For each page, a target keyword must be chosen and optimized. We will also add the lexical field associated with it, in order to provide the necessary context for Google’s algorithms to fully understand your subject. It will more precisely define your geolocation, the specificities of the product or service you are presenting and the type of clientele you are addressing.

A well-optimized article is more likely to rank among the top. This will increase your visibility with your prospects, which is an effective strategy for increasing your conversion rate.

Internal linking and the CTA to engage readers

Inside the articles, several internal links must be integrated (for example 2 or 3 per page). These will allow a much more fluid navigation on the whole site and invite the readers to deepen their knowledge. It’s a way of creating a path on your site, directing Internet users logically from one product (or service) to another, around the same subject. 

When it makes sense, it is important to invite the reader to engage through a call to action or CTA (Call to Action). Thus, he has the power to become an actor by performing a simple gesture. With one click, he can become a buyer, subscribe to the site’s newsletter or YouTube channel, rate or share the article, etc.


2 – Publish new content optimized to increase traffic

Content with real added value

Blogs allow you to create new content with added value to your service. It’s a way to demonstrate your expertise to readers, and also, to search engines. In addition to increasing traffic to your site, it will improve its SEO and retain your readership.

It may happen that Internet users are not interested in your services, but only in the free information that you give in your publications. However, keep in mind that these users (in addition to improving your position in the SERP) will regularly see your new offers and potentially turn into customers for the future!

Texts suitable for voice search

With the constant increase of devices equipped with artificial intelligence, it is better to favor content that uses the codes of spoken language. Indeed, voice search is a method that is gaining momentum. Thanks to connected speakers and smartphones, we can ask our questions directly orally, as if we were talking to a friend. This is why optimized content responds directly to Internet users’ questions, while using accessible vocabulary. 


3 – Set up a homepage that converts 

The unique value proposition to stand out

If the Internet user arrived on your site, it is not the result of chance, he has a need. The whole point of the home page is to clearly present ghostwriter what you offer and why it cannot be found elsewhere. 

Rather than describing your services as a whole, it is more effective to identify your unique value proposition or USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Your services and products have irreplaceable qualities and these are the ones that set you apart from the competition. This is what you need to highlight on your homepage, so be inimitable! 

When people have clearly identified your USP, they will then want to know what you can do for them. 


Putting customer needs first

We see it every day, all companies are experts in their field. What sets a company apart from others is its unique way of meeting the needs of its customers. Take the time to show your readers that you understand their situation and their expectations. 

La Redact Du Web’s professional copywriters are trained in copywriting techniques that use strong, meaningful words to engage readers in taking action. 

Once Internet users are convinced, don’t forget to place a powerful CTA on the home page! 

To go further, Lucie Rondelet explains the workings of copywriting in her video. 

4 – Create an engaging about page

When a reader takes the step of going to consult the about page, it is because he wants to know your “why” and your “how”. Why do you work in this industry sector and not another? How did you manage to provide solutions adapted to the problems of your customers?

The about page gives you that special space to humanize your brand. SEO writing uses the storytelling technique in particular to add emotion to your texts. It emphasizes the values ​​conveyed by your projects and the human sphere of your company. It can introduce your team, as well as the challenges you have encountered and which have allowed you to improve your products and services.

More and more people want to have a positive impact, even though their consumption choices. The whole art of the about page is to create a bond of trust with your potential customers so that they want to engage with you, rather than with a competitor. 

5 – Write an FAQ to improve SEO

The art of overcoming the brakes of prospects

What are the delivery times? What are the payment methods? Frequently asked questions are potential objections that hurt your conversion rate. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution: the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). It allows you to respond to your customers who want to know more about your services and products, before committing to a purchasing process. 

Showing le Featured Snippet

The featured snippet, in French “featured extract”, is a response to a request that appears in position zero. It’s in a box above the organic search results. The information is selected by Google’s algorithms to provide a quick and relevant response to Internet users. 

The FAQ is great for directly answering questions that are most often typed into the search bar. For example, structure your answers as bulleted lists or steps to follow. The titles and subtitles of your content can also be extracted from your texts to form a featured snippet. A well-optimized FAQ becomes a tool that will allow you to attract qualified traffic and convert more.

The point to remember is that there are still plenty of opportunities to stand out on the internet through SEO copywriting. Even if you don’t have the technical team of a multinational, you now have the keys to make changes and increase your conversion rate in a sustainable way. If you need to create content quickly to boost your site, build your team of writers in 5 minutes!

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