Everything about 241543903

Everything about 241543903

Very best funniest Google look you could have ever seen? One of which is 241543903 meme! What is the story behind the following famous phenomenon?

What is 241543903 Meme?

Test it yourself- Google 241543903 People putting their heads in the freezer. Not just on the internet . Try to type this unique number into Facebook or Twits search or search for hashtag# 241543903 on Instagram. Heads in freezers everywhere.

What’s behind 241543903 Meme?

The 241543903 memes resemble just one of the numerous Easter Ova, which has Google put in their search engine results. However that time, its incorrect, Google could nt start with this phenomenon.

The pinnacle Within the Freezer meme first started on 6th Apr 2009, when a well known Us artist David Horvitz posted about myspace and facebook Tumblr a picture together with his head within the fridge and title 241543903.

People happen to be wondering, the specific number really means. A few days later, the guy posted on Tumblr another level with instructions:

I consider an try out Yahoo and google search.


Inside thehave considered an image with my brain inside the freezer and submitted it with a completely randomly number 241543903.

Iwant a single to do the same supports take a picture with the head in the freezer and title it 241543903.

Lets discover the results!


Thememe evolved into first popular in Brazil, wherever Davids friend spread the phrases by passing them to localized youths on the streets throughout printed fliers.

The peak in 241543903 meme popularity was during December 2010. The post vent out slowly viral since that time. Hundreds of individuals uploaded pictures with heads in the freezers and the magical number 241543903 evolved into a famous meme and among the strangest Google search results.

Why number 241543903?

Later, David Horvitz suggested that they put his friend ‘s head within a freezer.


The number 241543903 is a mixture of the serial number of Davids refrigerator and the barcodes on deals of soba noodles and edamame.

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