Daniel patry

Daniel patry

It absolutely was in 2007 when a harmful murder case occurred, i. electronic., Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. In this instance , both the murdered young man and the murderer were teens. According to some of the reports, the victim of the case , Gabriel Kuhn, was just 12 years old, whereas the murderer was 16 years of age .

The two were gamers and got down for two reasons one was first because they were neighbours, and the second is that the two were playing the same video game called Tibia. Since their passions were the same, that ‘s so why they became good friends, yet according to medical reports, Daniel Patry was mentally unstable and would quickly get angry in small things.

Daniel Patry was first good at the same video game and would earn lots in digital coins in the video game, moreover, he would lend a digital coins to his other close friends in his neighbourhood. One day time he also lent 20, 500 digital coins to his close friends Gabriel Kuhn, and things received worse when Kuhn refused to pay on Patry ‘s request.

What Happened to Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn?

At that time , Gabriel Kuhn was merely a good little lad of 12. Simply by the time having been sixteen, Daniel Patry had already mistreated him in 2012. Kuhn passed on in your own home from his injuries. Patry relentlessly harassed and tormented him for an extended period . Subsequent inquiries established that Shin was solely in charge in the incident.

Teens everywhere have been glued to the online multiple- player game from 97 to 2007. In the interim, several players have sunk their particular funds into home improvements. Specialists say Gabriel stole money originating from Daniel. It was reported the fact that around 20, 000 virtual foreign currencies worth$ 1. 55 were included. The same game money was first handed to the victim, yet she refused to return this. Daniel, a careless teenager, ultimately attacked Kuhn, causing a fatality.

How murder happened: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

While outlined by official authorities, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry became buddys, and additionally would occupy exactly the same game called Shin because Patry could have a lot of digital coins he’d loan to his friends. One working day Kuhn asked him for a lot of coins in return, Patry distributed 20, 000 digital coins with him, but when Patry asked to go back his coins, Kuhn turned down to accomplish this , which made Patry flabergasted and decided to kill him.


He brutally killed Kuhn by means of stabbing him with a well- defined tool. Still, initially, the research team had not a clue about the killer until they further looked at the famous murder case with the teen gamers and found away the killer was no- one different but his 16 years outdated fiend- Daniel Patry.

Patry was sentenced to jail pertaining to three years, and it can be expected that after three years, he was set free considering that h was under 18. Usually, he could be in arrest for the remainder of his life.

Patry’s parent’s reaction



His parents were lovely and mild people, and they’d no bad relations with anyone within the neighbourhood, so Patry ‘s childhood are at an agreeable family. His parents also noticed some mental changes in Patry ‘s behaviour as he would get angry at small talk. He would stay alone the majority of the time.

Because his condition was worsening daily, they showed him to some psychiatrist.



The reality of Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn is now famous again. Kuhn refused to pay Patry 20, 000 digital coins that he had earned in the game .

Kuhn ‘s life was cost by the total worth of those coins in the present time around$ 1. 75. Patry was finally found guilty of murder and sentenced to some years in jail.

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