Auston matthews girlfriend

auston matthews girlfriend

Auston matthews girlfriend

Auston Matthews, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ center and alternate captain, is known for maintaining secrecy in his personal life. His intimate romantic life is not well known. Despite the fact that he has been paired with the stunning Emily Ruttledge a few times, according to the fans.

Before being selected by the NHL in 2016, Austin played for the Swiss National League’s ZSC Lions. As of 2022, he has a net worth of$ 63 million. He has received numerous accolades and endorsements for his plays, and the Leafs have a soft spot for him. But just as much as fans love him, they are also quite curious to get more insight into his personal life.

Auston Matthews and Emily Ruttledge

Like a private person, Auston Matthews does n’t hand out much about his own life. Though there possess been numerous rumors surrounding his dating life, he has nor come forth to accept neither reject such controversies. The brand Emily Ruttledge has come up often if we speck about Auston’s dating life.

Emily Ruttledge is generally a beautiful and beautiful woman who hails from Arizona, the same as Auston. They have been lengthy- time friends before carrying out to a romantic relationship. They may have disclosed a few pictures in them showcasing their love upon social media platforms. Auston becoming an NHL player keeps aside from home the majority in the time. So it can be stated that they are maintaining a good long- distance relationship.

Emily is a very supportive man of Auston’s career. She is usually usually seen sharing tweets congratulating him for his victory or perhaps is observed cheering Auston on his games and news. She gladly tweeted about Auston’s hattrick during his debut, which made the fans focus on her as his romantic partner. Then again presently there have been rumors about Auston and Emily’s breakup.

Auston Matthews’ past relationship

Since a while ago, the couple has n’t shared any photos of themselves together. Additionally, it is claimed that Auston is dating Jordyn Johnson, a model, right now. Some claim that Emily and Auston have moved on and parted ways. Many claim that Emily has already met someone. Once more, there are posts identifying Emily Ruttledge as Auston Matthews’ wife.


Jordyn and Auston have already made it clear that they are not currently romantically involved, despite the fact that the two have shared a few photos on social media. Funny enough, according to, there is n’t any concrete evidence of Auston’s relationship. The most noticeable variant might be Emily, but that’s all. They are the only ones who can explain this misunderstanding and state the status of their relationship right now.

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