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alexis rodman

alexis rodman:

Dennis Rodman, a former basketball player, is the father of Alexis Roddom. He was born in 1988 in the US.

Alexis’ parents met for the first time at a club.After that, they began dating in 1987, but their relationship ended after accusations of abuse and infidelity. After 82 days, the marriage was over.

Alexis’s childhood had been significantly impacted by the problems her parents encountered during the wedding. She became extremely angry as a result of this. She also received counseling for anger management as a result of this behavior.

Alexis Rodman was troubled by Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman reportedly found solace for alcohol based drinks. He was intensely dependent on it. Merged with his need to challenge the principles of society, there clearly was some bad blend danger and leaning.

This nature caused a good deal of stress on Alexis. The young child could never get connected to her father. She was struggling beyond measure by her father’s lifestyle. In fact, she lower off all relationships with her father for years.

In an interview, she revealed the effect Dennis Rodman had on her. Your lover detailed how others perceived her for it and felt feel bad for for Alexis.


 But I got a good deal of negative things growing up “.

It is difficult to grasp the unemployed of Alexis and the struggles of her the child years. She was, after all, the daughter of one of the world’s most well-known athletes.Everyone around must include known her father and referred to everything he did.

To often be surrounded by peers who’ve know the adventures of the daddy is difficult, Especially while a young child. Without support via her father, Alexis Rodman will need to have devised her own safeguard mechanism. Very safe to declare, that defense mechanism involved reducing off from her father.


Alexis Rodman Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Alexis Rodman is$ 200,000,000.

Alexis Rodman Age

1988 saw the birth of Alexis Rodman.


The height of Alexis Rodman is 5’10 “.


Alexis Rodman Parents

Dennis Rodman, a professional basketball player renowned for his defensive and rebounding prowess, is the mother of adult model Alexis Roddom.


Although Alexis Rodman is married, her husband’s name is unknown. Vincent, the couple’s son, was born in 2017.

Siblings Of Dennis Rodman’s Daughter

Trinity and D. J. Rodman are the two siblings that Alexis rodman has.

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