3 point slinger for camera

3 point slinger for camera

Your system3- point slinger is a particular form of camera strap which explains one shoulder and rests across the body, connecting for the camera, usually at the bottom where a tripod plate normally attaches.

Your 3- point camera connect allows you to carry your camera hands- free, so this means you can do such things as drive a bike or operate machines while having your camera close at hand .

You will see popular YouTubers like Francis Cade using their bikes with a 3- point slinger for a camera worn tight to their backs– the padded shoulder joint strap makes it a comfortable way to carry heavier video cameras too.

When there ‘s something worthy of photographing or videoing, the 3- point slinger can be pulled around to the entrance of your body and the camera lifted to your face.

A3- point slinger is usually attached to the base of the camera, via a 3/4″ screw in the gap usually reserved for a tripod base plate.

Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera Users in 2022

BlackRapid Camera Slings | Best Quality for Most Photographers

Blackrapid makes a variety of diverse 3- point slinger camcorder straps to utilize it sporting activities photographers and anyone that favors these to an everyday make strap.


BlackRapid refers to all of them as ‘camera slings’, labelling them as one of the preferred camera straps on the market – the important thing benefit is usually that the pad stays in your shoulder and the camera glides over the sling, up to the face.

The 3 main versions of BlackRapid 3- stage slinger for camera are:

BlackRapid Breathe Sport( review)


BlackRapid Contour Breathe( review)

BlackRapid Double Inhale( review)

( You should check the values of all of the BlackRapid camera straps only at Amazon online, or only at B&HPhoto. You will also find all the additional 3- point slinger intended for camera straps here.)


Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap | Best Budget Slinger

The camera pad includes a storage space pouch for memory cards and recharging batteries, and front quick adjustment pull clip that will assist you to quickly shorten or lengthen the strap to meet your requirements .

Similar to BlackRapid straps, the pad also has anti- slip padding.

This can be a 3 point slinger for camera strap that ‘s worth your hard earned money !

 Altura Photo Camera Strap | Alternate Budget 3-Point Slinger

Altitud is known to make excellent and affordable camera slings, as well as makes a fantastic 3- point- surprisingly affordable– check the cost on Amazon in this specific article .

The Altura arm strap has a zippered pocket or purse for storing memory cards, power packs and gum chewing. Under the main shoulder strap, there ‘s anti- slip padding to take care of camera set up.

The Altitud is a really affordable way to get involved in climbing, cycling and even brisk walking.

5\6 Benefits of Using 3-Point Camera Slingers

I’ve been by using a 3- point slinger for camera for decades now– a BlackRapid Breathe– and couldn’t be happier featuring its performance.

I also own other camera straps which I rotate depending on what camera I am using and what I am shooting.

Let us discuss the principal advantages of utilizing a 3- point camera slinger:

Swiftaction– you just go them around your body and lift up the camera

Stays on out your way– if you tighten the strap, you will get the camera on your backside

Your hands are free– makes the 3- point slinger ideal for sports necessitating your hands to be in use

Bottom attachment makes sense– when you grab your camera, you naturally rotate it up to that person

Comfyfor heavier loads– ideal for cameras with large telephoto improved lenses attached

Safety– put on some it the jacket, meaning your camera and lens are guarded from knocks and snatch- and- run thefts.

How to Use a 3-Point Slinger for a Camera

Employing a 3 point slinger together with your camera is straightforward. The process is the same whether you are utilizing a dual camera sling like John above.

Squeeze strap over your mind with all the pad in your arm.

When you have a camera, screw the beds base attachment into underneath from the camera.

Buckle the strap under your shoulder and change it to a tight length.

The main strap length should be adjusted.

Attach a safety strap to the carabiner of your camera.

If you have any questions about the use of camera straps, please leave a statement below.

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